Every 1 Voice Matters


Every 1 Voice Matters Mascot

Every 1 Voice Matters has an official anti-bullying mascot, Lil Herbie, who loves to engage with kids and teach kids about anti-bullying. 

Here is a message from Lil Herbie

“I’m Lil Herbie and I grew up stuttering. I’ve been teased a lot and I used to be afraid to talk to people or in public because I was scared they would laugh at me. My confidence was low and my self-esteem was shattered. One day, I picked up a book and began reading out loud instead of in my head. By doing this, I slowly began to control my stuttering and started speaking at a normal pace. I want to teach my friends who stutter, or who deal with any type of issue, how they can overcome bullying, low self-confidence and low self-esteem.” 

Lil Herbie is named after the founder Sherrikka Myers’ grandson who also stutters. “Even though our mascot is named after my grandson, the real Lil Herbie is the little kid that was inside of me all along,” says Myers.