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The World Around Me

Diversity leads to Opportunity!

A program that allows children to learn through observation. Children get excited about life in general. They see everything with fresh eyes, knowing they will find something new and different every time they look. The world around me introduces the importance of diversity equity and inclusion to children. Diversity and inclusion help children learn to empathize with people who are different from them. Diversity and inclusion make all kids better learners, allowing them to understand various subjects from multiple points of view. Helping children recognize the differences in genders, cultural backgrounds or physical abilities will help them become more considerate citizens and address injustice and discrimination as they grow. They understand that everyone is unique and recognize their individual differences. Students will go on several field trips: college visits, sporting events, museums and more. Students will utilize their sensorimotor skills and then reenact and verbalize their visualization and feelings creatively through arts (drawing, music, poems etc.)

More Info Coming Soon
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