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About Every1Voice Matters

Helping all children tackle the barriers that hinder them from becoming the best versions of themselves

Every 1 Voice Matters is a community Outreach nonprofit that helps kids break down communicative and social barriers such as stuttering, self esteem, and bullying to improve their quality of life. We aim to change the lives of at-risk youth, stutters, and to increase social awareness in all children by offering a variety of community and educational events to all children. Each event offers a unique therapeutic social learning environment in which children can flourish while being supported and loved so every child can succeed. 

We are actively involved in the lowcountry community by offering a network of support that provides accessible solutions to make basic needs affordable to families in the community.  

Our community outreach events are developed to reduce the incidence of unemployed families feeling of helplessness and generational poverty throughout South Carolina.  

In addition to our local efforts, we also offer a book series, animated series, and coaching experiences featuring ur mascot- Lil' Herbie!

Our Products are designed for kids to learn critical life skills for developing strong self-esteem and powerful self-confidence, empathy and understanding, as well as tools to overcome challenges.

We aim to empower, educate and inspire kids worldwide.

Our Goals

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

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Promote Fluency, communication, and coping skills for stutterers

Promote Financial Literacy in youth

Address the educational needs of at-risk youth & their families

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Eliminate bullying, self-limiting beliefs, and other unproductive behaviors

Empower at-risk youth with improved self-esteem so they can achieve their dreams.

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Sherrika Myers

Our Founder

Sherrika Myers is a dynamic visionary with a heart for children in her community and across the 

world. She diligently helps children tackle the barriers that hinder them from becoming the best version of themselves, by helping them break down communicative and social barriers. 

Sherrika Myers is married with kids and grandkids, she is a Certified Wisdom Life Coach For Kids, Founder of Lil Herbie Series Coaching Program, Eric Thomas National Speaker, Founder/ Executive Director  of Every 1 Voice, Children's Book Author, and the creator of Lil Herbie the Anti-Bullying Mascot. Sherrikka Myers enjoys traveling across the world helping schools to close interpersonal and social gaps that often lead to effects such as bullying and low academic performance. Myers and her programs have been featured on CBS, NBC, FOX, PBS Kids, Black News Channel, New York Weekly, US News and many more local and national news outlets. She has also been named one of NY Weekly's top 10 female entrepreneurs of 2020. Myers host yearly community back to school events, Social Emotional Learning and Christmas Coat and Bike Drive to help children and families in low-income communities. Myers speaks to thousands of elementary students through interactive school assemblies and educational presentations that are infused with transparency, real conversations and easy-to-implement principles to reveal the harsh realities of bullying. Myers works with elementary schools to help prepare their students to exhibit positive habits and practices that will transfer to their middle school years, where bullying is most prevalent. For Myers, school was no easy feat as she grew up stuttering and was constantly ridiculed by her peers. She continuously felt neglected, isolated, and often had others speak for her. Myers had to embrace core habits of inner-strength, confidence and endurance to overcome bullying and the obstacle of stuttering. Myers now shares those same core habits that allowed her to persevere and her remarkable story of triumph with students, educators and administrators. With her organization, Every 1 Voice Matters, she helps kids overcome speech impediments, bullying, low self-esteem and low self-confidence to build successful soft and social skills.


Myers has developed innovative measures including (1) an online animated series where kids can learn about Diversity Equity and Inclusion, Social Emotional Learning, Financial Literacy, Antibullying, new words and more.  (2) a children’s book series, geared toward social-emotional learning (3) Lil Herbie Coaching  Program (4) the C.L.A.S.S. (Core Life & Academic Social Skills) school assembly and reading programs.

Board Members

Sylvia Spivey

Sylvia Spivey

Sylvia is passionate about helping others connect, grow, and deepen relationships. Known for her ability to quickly connect and refer, Sylvia adds value to the lives of everyone she meets.

Eric Watson

Eric Watson

When people ask Deputy Administrator Watson for advice he says The best advice I can give a person is what my mother passed on to me “regardless of your struggles and successes, always remain humble and never use your circumstances in life as an excuse for failure”.

Shanita Rankin

Shanita Rankin

Shanita Rankin is an Influential and highly experienced Contract Specialist and Military Veteran with a Secret Security Clearance and 20 years of proven experience in the United States Air Force.

Dr. Tina T Smith

Dr. Tina T Smith

As a dedicated speech-language pathologist, Dr. Smith has made contributions
to her profession for over 36 years. Dr. Smith has published numerous articles, she has been the recipient of many
training grants, and she has presented more than 100 papers at conferences in the areas of multicultural diversity, language/phonology, treatment efficacy, and
distance education.

Jarvia Meggett

Jarvia Meggett

Nurse & Mentor

Denzel Myers

Denzel Myers

Former Early Childhood Educator dedicated to help educate, uplift, mentor and motivate children worldwide. Mr. Myers enjoy volunteering and working with students in and outside of the classroom.

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