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Sylvia Spivey

Sylvia’s professional experience in banking started 26 years ago.  Throughout her career she has been able to assist clients in the Retail, Non-Profit, Commercial Real-Estate, and the corporate sector reach financial success by saving time and maximizing earnings potential. 

At United, Sylvia is responsible for retaining, building, analyzing, and growing existing and new deposit relationships.


Currently, Sylvia is the Regional Membership Ambassador for Southeastern Chamber of Commerce, a 13 State multi division business association headquartered in Charleston SC.  Sylvia is also a board member of Every 1 Voice Matters, a local nonprofit geared towards self-esteem and confidence building also founded in Charleston. 


She is passionate about helping others connect, grow, and deepen relationships.  Known for her ability to quickly connect and refer, Sylvia adds value to the lives of everyone she meets. She also has the gift of teaching others how to get the most from solid business relationships and leverage these skills to grow business strategically and systematically. 


Sylvia is involved with a copious amount of community taskforces and local initiatives throughout the State of SC She was an inductee of the 2021 Leadership Southeastern inaugural class.

Sylvia Spivey
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