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Helping all children tackle the barriers that hinder them from becoming the best versions of themselves.

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Our Mission

Every 1 Voice Matters is a community Outreach nonprofit that helps kids break down communicative and social barriers such as stuttering, self esteem, and bullying to improve their quality of life.

Our Vision

All children succeed!

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Meet Lil Herbie

The Mascot Promoting Awareness and

Self Confidence Among Urban Youth

Lil Herbie is the latest black male character to inspire children of color to break free from limitations so they can enjoy learning and growth.

Lil Herbie takes our mission one step further by displaying children of colors' talents and potential. As the official mascot for Every 1 Voice Matters, the character allows African American children to envision achieving the same accomplishments as other people.

Press Release!

January, 2024

Lil Herbie: A new doll that embodies the principles of diversity, equity and inclusion to provide black and brown children with a positive role model they can relate to.

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Lil Herbie's Book Series

Herbie's New Home

Being a grandparent is an amazing job. Having a grandchild that has some challenges can be hard. Herbie was challenged with stuttering, not quite an unfamiliar challenge to his grandmother. She too was challenged with stuttering as a young child. Herbie's grandmother was determined to make the challenge a lot easier for him, by writing this very affectionate story for Herbie.

Children who stutter will experience many different emotions on any given day. Becoming frustrated can be an acceletrator to their inability to vocalize their thoughts. These fun books will allow your child to see what he or she can bring to the lives of others, and how special they really are!

Herbie Goes To School

This is book two of the Lil Herbie Series Book Collection aimed at children ages four to ten.


Herbie's family has moved to another state and bought a new home, and now Lil Herbie must go to a new school and make new friends. He is afraid and doesn't want to go. He fears all the kids will laugh at him because he stutters. But he finally goes to school, and soon he realizes it is not as bad as he thought.

Often the thing you fear the most turns out to be just in your own mind. Whatever kids are dealing with, weather it be stuttering, low self-esteem, or anything else, each child's voice matters, and they should always know they are special too.

Herbie Va A La Escuela
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Este es el segundo libro de la colección de libros de la serie Lil Herbie dirigida a niños de cuatro a diez años.


La familia de Herbie se mudó a otro estado y compró una nueva casa, y ahora Lil Herbie debe ir a una nueva escuela y hacer nuevos amigos. Tiene miedo y no quiere ir. Teme que todos los niños se rían de él porque tartamudea. Pero finalmente va a la escuela y pronto se da cuenta de que no es tan malo como pensaba.

Herbie's New Friend

Herbie’s New Friend is book three of the Lil Herbie Series book collection aimed at children ages four to ten. It is a perfect story for parents, teachers, and caregivers to teach kids that everybody is not created the same, and that’s okay because we all are unique and special. All the Lil Herbie Series books are geared toward social-emotional learning, teaching kids about compassion and self-love. 

Lil Herbie's has an Animated Series Too!